Little Lit Book Series: Night

A Different Pond | Little Lit Book Series: Night | Avery and Augustine

Night is the #littlelitbookseries theme for January, with its traditionally short days and long nights.

Vietnamese American poet Bao Phi wrote A Different Pond to honor the struggle of his parents as immigrants working multiple jobs in the US to feed their family of six.  Bao’s father would sometimes take them fishing with him, before the sun came up—for sustenance, not sport.  Like the boy and father in the book, Bao would hear his father tell stories about war-torn Vietnam.  Bao’s father wanted him to understand things that had been part of their lives as a family and country.  Truly a beautiful and poignant story, with evocative language and art.

A Different Pond was written by poet Bao Phi, illustrated by Thi Bui and published by Capstone.

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