Stella Díaz Has Something to Say

Stella Díaz Has Something to Say | Avery and Augustine

This week we’re reading Stella Díaz Has Something to Say, an early middle grade novel written and illustrated by Angela Dominguez.   It’s based on her childhood growing up Mexican American, and her note at the end explains similarities and differences between her and Stella.

Stella loves drawing, going to the library, and spending time with her best friend Jenny, who’s Vietnamese American.  She’s shy to speak out loud in class because she’s still learning to how to say certain sounds (which she’s working on with her speech teacher) and is sometimes misunderstood, which is frustrating.  Her goal is to make friends with the new kid in class, but the problem is she gets pretty nervous whenever Stanley’s around.  She’s also pretty worried about the big presentation she has to give in front of her class.  Stella’s story is about becoming comfortable with her differences, finding courage and her voice, and watch out when she does. ;) We also really love her supportive and loving mother and older brother and the roles they play in her life.

Published by Roaring Brook Press, Stella Díaz Has Something to Say will be out next Tuesday, January 16!