Pizza!: An Interactive Recipe Book

Pizza!: An Interactive Recipe Book | Avery and Augustine
Pizza!: An Interactive Recipe Book | Avery and Augustine
Pizza!: An Interactive Recipe Book | Avery and Augustine

This is probably one of our most favorite interactive series of all time.  It’s a great one to pair with kids’ first cooking experiences, with opportunities to talk about the sequencing of a recipe and the rich language associated with food (all those adjectives, verbs, ingredient names, colors, textures).  It also provides concrete  and experiential math (quantity, measuring and fractions) and science (reactions, cause and effect).  Our strangely and unexpectedly favorite part of this book is the squishy textured dough, which Lotta Nieminen and the Phaidon team executed pretty brilliantly.

Who’s excited for the next book in the Cook in a Book series due out in October?  Any guesses about the starring food?

Pizza!: An Interactive Recipe Book was created by Lotta Nieminen and published by Phaidon Press.

Literary Eats

Literary Eats | Avery and Augustine

These were some of the literary snacks we brought to Avery’s class to celebrate some of the books that were read throughout the year:

—Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — Wonka bars with golden tickets hidden in five of them (golden ticket finders each won a book of their choice to take home)

—The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe — plain and rose-flavored Turkish delight

 —BFG — frobscottle — two kinds (first version: limeade, lime sparkling water and strawberry sparkling water and second version: lemonade and strawberry sparkling water)

PS. I’m sharing photos of the picture books we’re reading aloud during the summer on Instagram stories and saving them on my Instagram page in Highlights section under #bookaday in case anyone’s interested.  Happy summer, all!