are we there yet?

Are We There Yet? is actually a book that Dan Santat wrote for his younger son so it’s a wonderfully personal work with many meaningful details, and is an epic experience for all readers.  This is more than just a new take on the proverbial childhood query, "Are we there yet?!"  There’s an interactive secret to the book that involves the reader in propelling the narrative forward in time (or backward?!).  I'm in awe of Dan Santat's myriad details, the thought that went into laying out the page spreads and the way that his art and story came together to create something really magical (truly astounding).  This is a book that is not just apt for the summer (the season of road trips), but for an entire childhood--to read, experience and be immersed in again and again.  And I think this book just might inspire future illustrators out there.  A winner on so many levels.  Kudos to Dan Santat for this fine work.

And btw, listen to this terrific conversation with Dan Santat on All The Wonders.  I’ve been meaning to listen to All The Wonders for so long, and only got around to it this week.  It’s an amazing series!  Listening to every episode from now on.