nate's 5th birthday

Nate turned five recently and we celebrated with a Totoro party.  Here’s what we threw together:

—Totoro and catbus cupcakes by Candy Clay Cupcakes.  Such beautiful and meticulous work—I was really blown away this time!

—Soot sprite truffles made with ganache and Sweet Estelle’s chocolate sprinkles and royal icing eyes.  Inspired by the ones on Tinned Tomatoes (Thank you to Sweet Estelle for sending these for Nate's party!)

Acorns made with mini Nilla wafers, Hershey's Kisses and chocolate chips

—Green tea-flavored Pocky

—Chocorooms and chocolate horns by Meiji

—Macarons from ‘Lette Macarons

Felt garlands from The Land of Nod

Felt leaves from Woolhearts on Etsy


Happy birthday to our little Nate!