little lit book series: the family edition

We're sharing books on the theme of family in this month's #littlelitbookseries.

“Their little red car seemed to muster all of its courage as it waited outside, ready for the road.”  Stuck in their car in a torrential downpour on a trip home, Francie and her mother talk about what they will name her baby sister when she's born.  They run through different possibilities, with none of them feeling like a good fit.  But later a significant moment comes when her mother comes up with just the right name, one that Francie will remember forever.

We love how Bob Graham sets the scene with not just what's happening with the protagonists of the story.  He expands his narrative and paints a picture of the environment and other people in it, all part of the bigger picture, just like in our lives.  There is our narrative—the moments that string together to make up the course of our lives—and how that all fits into  the world around us.  Our story becomes a part of everyone else's story.  A beautiful reminder that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Home in the Rain is by Bob Graham and published by Walker Books.