in defense of read-aloud

Been meaning to share this for a while.  If you read The Read-Aloud Handbook, loved it and were inspired by it, this should be next up on your list.

Dr. Steven Layne is Professor of Literacy Education at Judson University, a literacy consultant and was a teacher in public education for fifteen years.  In his book In Defense of Read-Aloud, Dr. Layne presents the art of the read-aloud.  He talks through the how, the when and the why of reading aloud to children and the increasing body of research supporting it.

“Leading researchers in the field of literacy provide positions statements; authors of professional books share insights on books they have loved; leaders of the largest literacy organizations in the United States write about their favorite read-alouds; award-winning authors of children’s and young adults books (Katherine Paterson, Andrew Clements, and Lois Lowry, to name a few) share the powerful behind-the-scenes stories of their greatest books; and real classroom teachers and librarians speak about books that have ‘lit up’ their classrooms and libraries around the world.”

“Amidst the clanging noise of today’s technology, Steven Layne offers here a clear clarion call on behalf of reading to children.  It is insightful, reasoned, entertaining (rare in the field), and carefully researched for those who might doubt the urgent need for something that doesn’t need a Wi-Fi hot spot.  It should be on every teacher’s must-read list.” — Jim Trelease, author, The Read-Aloud Handbook

Published by Stenhouse Publishers.