this bridge will not be gray

“The Golden Gate Bridge, which is orange, is the best known and best loved bridge in the world.  It is best known because it is bold and courageous and unusual and even strange.  It is best loved because it is bold and courageous and unusual and even strange.”

This Bridge Will Not Be Gray is Dave Eggers’ and Tucker Nichols’ unique, funny and insightful take on the history of one the most iconic landmarks in our country, “both a bridge and something like art” — the Golden Gate Bridge.  Pictured is the revised edition recently published in March with updated back matter.

I have fond memories of driving over the bridge to and from an internship in Marin County my last semester of grad school.  Often it would be shrouded in SF’s infamous gray fog, other rare times set against a sunny, crisp blue sky.  But always a majestic sight and memorable drive.

Also, Dave Eggers is taking questions from readers!  If there’s anything that you ever wanted to ask him about any of his  books, his work with 826, McSweeney’s, or writing in general, head over to THE LIFTERS post on @averyandaugustine, and leave your question for him there.  He’ll be picking some questions and sharing those answers soon on @the_lifters_by_dave_eggers.