little lit book series: family


This month’s theme for #littlelitbookseries is family and this is a beautiful tribute to immigrant mothers.

"My mom is a foreigner,

She's from another place.

She came when she was ten years old,

With only one suitcase."

Sometimes it’s difficult for the children of immigrants to understand their parents’ ways—the words they use, their accents, their expressions and terms of endearment (mon petit chou!) are foreign to them.  The foods their mothers make, the clothes they wear and the songs they sing are all different from what everyone else in the neighborhood does.  They feel they have nothing in common with their mothers.  But in the end—Mutti, Mamma, Mummy, Maman—is the most familiar person in the world to them.  Her voice, her cooking, the sound of her slippers shuffling across the kitchen floor—the thought of her and all her ways—feel unmistakably and overwhelmingly like home.

My Mom Is a Foreigner, But Not to Me was written by Julianne Moore, illustrated by Meilo So and published by Chronicle Books.

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