go west

We hop on a train for an epic journey across North America from Montreal to Los Angeles.  We board the Dorchester locomotive in Montreal and end up at “the last of the great train stations” — LA’s Union Station with its ruddy Spanish tiled roofs and iconic Mission Moderne style.  Along the route we take a gander at gorgeous passing scenery and of course delve into the history of train travel — getting a peek into what the first luxury passenger cars were like, passing venerable landmarks such as the Banff Springs Hotel, reading the stories behind famous stations like Grand Central in New York and learning about legendary locomotives such as the Daylight Limited running along the Pacific Coast from SF to LA.

A surprise search-and-find awaits readers at the end of this terrific resource about how the railroad shaped North American history.  Pascal Blanchet’s sleek, stylized illustrations possess an old world elegance that takes readers back to another era, bringing them home in time for dinner.  It would make a fantastic gift for the train lover in your life (we all know at least one).

Go West!: The Great North American Railroad Adventure was written and illustrated by Pascal Blanchet and published by Wide Eyed Editions.