The River

The River | Avery and Augustine


“In the spring the sagra (a holy feast) comes to town with its carnival rides.  Flowering linden trees perfume the air and fill the sky with soft puffs that look like snow.  Music and bright lights fill the streets until midnight.”

Alessandro Sanna eloquently depicts the passing of time and what the seasons bring in a story about the people and life in and around a river.  It might be worth it to buy THE RIVER for his skies alone—saturated, dramatic, wispy, rich with movement, and in every shade of every color imaginable.  They run the gamut of emotions and play a part in telling the story of our connection to the place where we live.

THE RIVER was written and illustrated by Alessandro Sanna and published by Enchanted Lion Books.  For a preview of the interior, head over to this Instagram post and scroll right.