Under the Canopy: Trees Around the World

Under the Canopy: Trees Around the World | Avery and Augustine

“From their deep roots in the ground to their branches that sway in the wind, trees have held their place on our planet from the earliest of times.  They are the lungs of the world and have inspired our stories, myths and culture.  Every climate, every nation has its tales of trees, true or legendary, and they help us understand ourselves and the beauty of the world around us.”

With a beautiful blend of nature, culture, history, folklore and mythology, Under the Canopy is a celebration of the majestic tree and the significant role it plays in our lives.  Every tree has a story to tell and this verdant volume is filled with them.  We’re really digging Cynthia Alonso’s vivid and playful art.  It’s a bright spot for any gray day.  Her work is brilliant, and she’s definitely one to watch!  You’ll want to add  this one to your library for sure.

Under the Canopy: Trees Around the World was written by Iris Volant, illustrated by Cynthia Alonso and published by Flying Eye Books.  Out on April 3.