search-and-find alphabet of alphabets

This is neither your average search-and-find nor is it your run-of-the-mill abecedarian primer.  It’s a complete A to Z filled to the brim with things to find from birds to creepy-crawlies to inventions.  Yellow things is the penultimate group before readers’ last stop at the zoo.  On certain pages, look out for the extra things you’re asked to spot—with a few more surprises in store throughout.  heaps of new words to learn—including unusual ones—make this book a really engaging one.  This one would be a hit with little alphabetarians learning those 26 all-important symbols of the English language.  Categorically clever. 

Search-and-Find Alphabet of Alphabets was written and illustrated by Allan Sanders and published by Wide Eyed Editions.  Out soon on March 1!