Wow.  WOW.  First of all, Sean Rubin, you had us at “Bolivar.”  The name, the iconic typeface, the cover, the promise of a great story.  And then you blew us away with your first couple of double page spreads and their sweeping urban skyline.  We lingered over these opening scenes and heard the unmistakable sounds of New York; we heard the noisy din of cars, traffic, people walking the sidewalks en masse, and then we were drawn into the quiet quotidian life of...a dinosaur in New York.  A dinosaur named Bolivar.

Bolivar has an apartment on 78th Street, and he lives on corned beef sandwiches and tonic water with lime (like most dinosaurs).  His interests include used books and old records.  And The New Yorker of course.  Everyone in the city is too busy to notice him except for his next door neighbor Sybil.  After months of spying on him, she finally corners him in front of the recycling bins where their long-awaited meet cute takes place.

Writer/illustrator Sean Rubin on how the story came about — “I realized that if a dinosaur lived in New York City, no one would notice him, but then I began to wonder, what would his life be like? The story really came from trying to answer that question.”

BOLIVAR is a special book and a brilliant debut.  Its written and visual narratives come together seamlessly to tell this tremendous tale which is also a beautiful and meaningful tribute to New York City.  Do yourself a favor and get a copy—for you and for everyone you know.

Written and illustrated by Sean Rubin and published by Archaia | BOOM! Studios.