her right foot

At a substantial one hundred and four pages, Her Right Foot is not just a smart and insightful source of history and symbolism about the Statue of Liberty.  Dave Eggers considers an often overlooked detail — Lady Liberty's right foot, "the foot that is so obviously in mid-stride."  What does it mean?  "If the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of freedom, and has welcomed millions of immigrants to the US, then how can she stand still?"

We find in Her Right Foot a message of acceptance and a timely reminder of the principles of hope and compassion that our country was built on.  When I first read it, I was overwhelmed in a good, almost tearful way.  It's a book not just for children, but for all of us.

Written and illustrated with humor, wit and a tremendous amount of heart by Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris and published by Chronicle Books. Out on September 19.  Click here to watch the book trailer.