if i had a gryphon

We all know a child’s imagination is boundless and this couldn’t ring more true for Sam.  Dissatisfied with her first pet, a standard issue hamster, she dreams of more exciting prospects...of mythological and epic proportions.  Her thoughts run the gambit and she considers all the quirky possibilities—shy unicorns, temperamental dragons, high-maintenance manticores, biting chupacabras, mischievous fairies... Eventually, she comes to a realization—the hamster really will do just fine.  She has a newfound appreciation for the little guy.  But as it turns out, the tiny creature has a few of his own surprises.  

If I Had a Gryphon’s author/illustrator pairing is perfect.  Cale Atkinson’s exuberant style brings to life Vikki Vansickle's animated and extremely enjoyable text.  Final thoughts—we hope Sam doesn’t give up daydreaming completely.  We’d love to get another peek at the workings of her boisterous imagination.  If I Had a Gryphon was published by Tundra Books.