nothing but fun in noisy village

It’s Thursday and time for another edition of #classicchapterbooks with but Fun in Noisy Village is Astrid Lindgren’s third book in her Children of Noisy Village series.  It was originally published in 1952 but this edition was published last month.  Set in the bucolic Swedish countryside, this collection of stories follows the goings-on, mischief and adventures of Lisa, her two brothers and their friends who live on three farms in a row dubbed “Noisy Village” by their neighbors.  Whether they’re celebrating midsummer, exploring the caves across the lake or sleeping in the forest under the big night sky during a crayfishing trip, one thing is for sure—the children of Noisy Village are resourceful, resilient, imaginative and will have fun wherever they are.  They are brilliant at being kids.  A read-aloud of Nothing But Fun in Noisy Village would make a great close to your summer.