belle and sébastien

“Nothing happens by chance, everything has meaning.” 

It’s our second week of #classicchapterbooks with and Sébastien, written by Cécile Aubry, was originally published in 1965 to coincide with a television series of the same name.  This edition was published last month by Alma Books, translated by Gregory Norminton and illustrated by Helen Stephens.  It's about a friendship between Sébastien, a little boy born as an orphan in the snowy Alps, and Belle, a big white Pyrenean Mountain dog.

“There she was, standing tall, motionless save for the plume of her tail as it beat the air. She saw him. She bent her head towards him.  Was she going to jump? He no longer felt any fear, and if he too stood still it was because an unknown force compelled him to hold his ground before the animal now watching him.  He called to her very softly: ‘Belle…’”

I’ve only started reading it this week and am enjoying getting lost in the writing.  It’s a moving story so far and definitely takes you to another place in more ways than one.

Ages 9-11