ada twist, scientist

With "why?" being her first word uttered as a toddler and infinite curiosity about the world around her, Ada has the makings of a great scientist.  She joins wunderkinds Iggy Peck and Rosie Revere in thinking, inquiring, hypothesizing, perservering, innovating and engaging the people around her to solve life's quandaries.

Ada Twist, Scientist was inspired by Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace.  Most people are familiar with the work of scientist Marie Curie, but not everyone has heard of Ada Lovelace.  Ada, Countess of Lovelace, was the daughter of poet Lord Byron and she is widely regarded as the first computer programmer in history.  With an extensive background as a mathematician and writer, she created what many consider to be the first computer program—an algorithm for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, a proposed mechanical general-purpose computer.  Charles Babbage was a fellow British mathematician and is known as ‘the father of computers.’

Back to our little Ada Twist—I don't want to give too much of her story away, but let's just say that it is as innovative and brilliant as her creators, Andrea Beaty and David Roberts.  Ada Twist, Scientist will be out September 6.