cooking with henry and elliebelly

I thought Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly would be a perfect book for Nate since he is so into cooking and baking at the moment. Plus he loves to do culinary and product demos as if he's in front of a camera. That's SO his generation.

Henry and his little sister Elliebelly make raspberry-marshmallow-peanut butter waffles with barbecued banana bacon on their cooking show. Elliebelly’s irrepressible toddler ways make for unpredictable and boisterous fun. Henry, by the way, is an exceptionally patient older brother. 😉 There's something about Dan Yaccarino's retro illustrations that I love and just keep coming back to (we have some of his other works as well). His Elliebelly is a pretty masterful depiction of a toddler. Those red curls are out of control.