a good night walk

“Let’s go for a walk, along the block, and see what we can see, before it’s time for bed.”

What do you all see on your evening walk?  Dusk is one of my favorite times of the day, especially during the summer.  Our current bedtime read is A Good Night Walk—a quiet, serene and lovely way to wind down at the end of the day.  There’s always a great story behind a great book—here’s Elisha Cooper about the beginnings of the book.

“When my daughter was an infant she cried in the evenings so I took her for walks. I walked along our street in the Berkeley hills and pointed out things, from recycling bins to sprawling oak trees. The walks calmed her, and me. After half an hour she fell asleep and we came home to bed. That was the start of this book. Before we left California, I sketched our neighborhood — trees and houses — and tried to write about the shifting sights and sounds of a place as it approached bedtime. This book is about small changes, and also about the big change for me as I became a father.”