s is for salmon

Hannah Viano’s S Is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet, an alphabet book that shows off the majestic beauty and small wonders of the Pacific Northwest.  If you love her work like I do, check out my previous post about one of her other books, Arrow to Alaska.

Hannah shares about the story behind the book on her website. “The book is the offspring of a grant project funded by the Seattle office of Arts and Cultural Affairs. For that project I made a set of 26 papercut images depicting Northwest flora,fauna, and elements and used hand silkscreening to make large format display cards sets. These sets were then donated to childrens programs around the city such as libraries, schools, and community centers. I also had the pleasure of joining a few of these groups to do in-class presentations that mixed natural history, art, and active storytelling.  Now those images (with some revisions and the addition of wonderful colors) have been made into a lovely little hardbound book that everyone old and young can have and hold.”