In Sam Usher’s latest book Rain, Sam watches as rain starts to pelt down from the sky and he is desperate to go outside for an inclement adventure.  His grandfather delays the trip out due to an important task he must first finish, fueling Sam’s impatience.  Sam Usher’s fat raindrops and gigantic puddles create an intensely gray mood with a hint of cheer that almost foretells the happy conclusion.  In the end, the boy’s patience is rewarded with an epic surprise.

The reflections of Sam and his grandfather in the immense pools of water in his front yard are incredible and extremely detailed.  Usher manages to capture the glassy, gray-toned texture of rainwater and its fluid, undulating quality.  Rain is the second in a four-part series based on weather.  If you haven’t already, do check out the first title in the series, Snow.