spunky tells all

“I could tell you everything about the Bates family—things you’ll never hear from anybody else.  Then this book could be titled ‘Spunky Tells Everything.’  But it’s not fair for a Dog to tell everything about his family.  A family deserves at least some privacy and loyalty.  So I will only tell all.  Almost all.”

Written by Ann Cameron and illustrated by Lauren Castillo, Spunky Tells All is a humorous and insightful story told from a dog’s perspective.  He gets somewhat frustrated trying to get his humans to understand his habits, but things get worse when an arrogant Balinese cat by the name of Fiona moves in.  Will they *ever* become friends?  Spunky Tells All is part of the Huey and Julian series.  Also just a note—if your kids happen to be working on social cognition or social thinking, this book is an excellent exercise in perspective-taking, or putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.