the land of nod

"From breakfast on through all the day 

At home among my friends I stay, 

But every night I go abroad 

Afar into the land of Nod."

Robert Hunter's new illustrated version of Robert Louis Stevenson's poem The Land of Nod is, needless to say, dreamy.  His ethereal palette of sleepy-eyed soft pinks and blues evoke a perpetual twilight that gives its pages an exotic but familiar feel.  In Stevenson's poem, an ailing boy spends all day stuck at home, which seems to be reflective of the poet's own childhood.  At night, he crosses over to the Land of Nod, a dreamland where his playthings come to life in a big way.

Robert Hunter has created a fantastic, curious, mischievous but elusive world that we've oft imagined and tried to remember in the morning while wiping the sleep from our eyes.  There is a certain magic distilled in the words of Stevenson's poem which Robert Hunter's stunning visual storytelling has brought to life once more, for a whole new set of young readers.

The Land of Nod is by Robert Louis Stevenson, illustrated by Robert Hunter (@roberthunter) and published by Flying Eye Books.