john coltrane's giant steps

This is an incredible one, published a while ago, but worth seeking out: John Coltrane's Giant Steps remixed by Chris Raschka. #kidlitcaturday

"Good evening.  And thank you for coming to our book.  We have something very special for you tonight.  It's John Coltrane's marvelous and tricky composition, 'Giant Steps,' performed for you by a box, a snowflake, some raindrops, and a kitten.  Why not stay and see it?  While our performers are limbering up, let me say a few words about the composer.  John Coltrane played soprano saxophone (little) and tenor saxophone (big) and wrote music which, in his hands, became swirling, leaping, tumbling 'sheets of sound.'  That's what he called it.  But why tell you when we can show you?  Ready, my friends?"

Published by Simon & Schuster.