little lit book series

I’m excited to announce a new series I’m starting with a group of other amazing readers on Instagram.  It’s entitled #littlelitbookseries and every month we’ll be sharing favorite books that we are reading that month.  This month’s theme is children’s travel books since we are coming off the heels of summer, a season of trips and travel adventures. Please join us for our monthly book series and you’ll be sure to discover new titles as well as revisit old favorites. Here’s my pick for the month:

The Dodsworth series is by Tim Egan, is a collections of travelogues about Dodsworth and his duck companion. The duck has a droll sense of humor, which actually made me laugh out loud a few times.  Dodsworth and the duck do the usual in each visit--see the sights, partake in local cuisine and mix with locals in each city they visit.  Their trips are not complete without comical mishaps, mostly attributed to the duck's mischief.  Dodsworth is hilarious to read aloud. The independent reading level is for ages 7-8.

Please check out everyone else's favorite travel books in the #littlelitbookseries!