the skunk

The Skunk is a comical story written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell.  What would you do if a skunk showed up on your doorstep?  And kept following you around, step by step, turn by turn?  Why, you would run away from it in a mad dash around town, right?  Barnett presents us with an interesting quandary--what are this skunk's intentions, really?

McDonnell uses a sparse color palette reminiscent of vintage picture books, then cleverly expands the palette to signify a turn of events.  Both young and old will look at each other in wonder about the intriguing ending.  A good amount of discussion will undoubtedly ensue after reading this well-crafted tale.  One question--will the sequel to this book be written from the skunk's perspective? 

Thanks to Mac Barnett for sending us a copy of The Skunk.