nate's four-year-old favorite books

This week I'm sharing some of Nate's favorite books and Maisy Bakes a Cake is most definitely one of them!  Besides the exceptionally fun and interactive pop-up aspect of it, he enjoys Maisy and her cronies' amusing antics.  I've always been drawn to Lucy Cousins' vivid colors and bold black lines.  It goes without saying that her playful style is hugely appealing to young children.  

What I love about the Maisy series is that it features simple storylines ideal for working on preschool and early childhood language skills: grammar, early story retelling, sequencing of events and comprehension questions.  Maisy books also offer a wide variety of experiences--going to preschool, visiting the museum, camping, going to the library—each with its own lexicon and opportunities to learn situation-specific social language.  

Stay tuned for more of Nate's favorites tomorrow!