little pear tree

Little Pear Tree, authored by Rachel Williams and illustrated by Jenny Bowers, is a board book with 25 flaps throughout it with hidden elements of nature to explore.  Jenny Bowers' art work immerses you into the world of little pear tree, as you follow it through the changing of the seasons.  Forms and shapes overlap on the pages, producing a wonderful collage quality.  She uses color to masterfully evoke the nostalgic feel and mood of each season--winter in cool blues, whites, taupes and grays; spring in sunny yellows, ochres and greens.  Fall, my favorite season, is rendered in deep reds, oranges and auburns.  Nate likes the lift-the-flap aspect of the book and finding little surprises, like a snowflake hiding under a winter bloom or the seeds buried in a green pear.  Little Pear Tree is such a darling book and a must-have for every early childhood library.