water in the park

Water in the Park is a “day in the life” of a park and its people and animals, from the wading dogs and turtles in the pond, to the babies playing in the sprinklers.  It's a celebration of community, and the lovely green space of the park that brings it together in meetings and interactions throughout the day. 

In her note about the story, author Emily Jenkins says, "The story comes from my spending early mornings and evenings in Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, New York, one summer when we had many, many ninety-eight-degree days.  I watched people and thought about the way the park's water is used differently by all the inhabitants of the neighborhood, human and animal."  Water in the Park was wonderfully illustrated by Stephanie Graegin.

This book smells of summer and captures its nostalgia in so many lovely ways--it's definitely a great book to welcome this year's warm season.