Avery loved hearing the story of a little girl's exciting experience at the beach in Suzy Lee's stunningly illustrated wordless story book, Wave

From lectures, reading articles, collaborating with colleagues and working with children on improving their language skills, I've learned what invaluable tools wordless story books are.  Telling and retelling a story multiple times with a wordless story book helps children learn a variety of vocabulary words, synonyms and sentence structures.  It helps teach children the elements of a story--characters, setting, problem, resolution, etc.  When you revisit stories and retell them, you talk about different little aspects of a story that you didn't talk about the last time you read it because you might pick up on other details in the pictures or nuances in the story.  When different people tell a child the story, the child hears and is exposed to different narratives, points of view and different sets of vocabulary.  If anyone is interested in reading more on the subject, an article on wordless story books can be found here.  This is one enjoyable way for everyone to get involved in a child's education.   Happy storytelling!

Thanks to The Land of Nod for sending us a copy of Wave.