coffee + pie night

Coffee and pie night took place last weekend.  We had a few good friends over to share some savory appetizers and of course, pie--the perfect fall dessert.  We had two pies--an apple crumble pie from Susiecakes and a maple custard pie from The Pie Hole.  Both were sublime in their own ways.  Susiecakes' apples were seasoned perfectly and topped with a crisp, sweet crumble.  The Pie Hole's maple custard had an amazing and rich eggy custard and a beautifully sweet maple caramelization.  Both pies had buttery flaky crusts.  The drink of the night was pour-over coffee with beans from Portola Coffee Lab, thoughtfully brewed by our friend Joel.  The wonderful food, dessert and drink paired with familiar and enjoyable conversation made it a simple and relaxed evening.

This gathering is the third in our Noshing with Friends series.  Be sure to check out the first in the series, an afternoon of honey and cheese, and the second, a summer party.