are you a lazy baker?

I discovered The Lazy Baker on  The Lazy Baker is a delicious and convenient concept.  Instead of buying multiple ingredients like flour, sugar, baking powder, etc., to make a batch of cookies, you buy a Lazy Baker cookie mix and depending on which one it is, you just add butter or butter and eggs, drop your dough onto cookie sheets and bake.  Voilà! Cookies in half the usual time.

It's great if you bake only once in awhile or just don't feel like crowding your pantry with tons of baking supplies.  These are The Lazy Baker's Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with a vanilla malt frosting sandwiched in between. The description on Lazy Baker's website, "Rich and decadent, this explosive blend of cocoa and Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate chips is perfect for the Choc-o-holic" could not be more true!  The cookies were very chocolate-y and had a beautiful and rich mouthfeel and texture.  Everything was a snap to make and the mix yielded almost twice as many cookies as the instructions said it would!  (I also added maybe a half cup extra of chocolate chips which might have helped a bit. ;)  Extra chocolate chips or not, I think the mix does give you more cookies than the stated 2 dozen.  It also depends on the size of cookie you decide to make.

And if anyone's wondering, the fun green and white cupcake liners are from Bake It Pretty, the cellophane bags are from Paper Mart and the ribbon is from IKEA.  Bake It Pretty is one of my go-to sites for everything pretty for baking!