something to talk about

I love using photos to work on language skills with my children.  I usually laminate them so they’re more durable.  With my older daughter, I use the photos to practice different sentence structures that she’s learning (e.g., “I am eating a waffle” or “I ate a waffle”).  With my younger son, I use the photos to expand his vocabulary and phrase length/variety.

It’s also a wonderful way to look back on fun experiences we had together.  I think Avery likes seeing how she looked and how she was when she was younger, and the kinds of things she liked doing.  Now she’s always saying, “Take a picture of me!” or something along those lines.  And of course, she loves to take photos around the house with our iPhones.  It’s interesting to see what she chooses as subjects, and her perspective as a five-year-old.