art with label frames

Art by Avery using label frames left over from Paper Source round labels, card stock and crayons.  She cut up the frames, incorporated them into designs and overlapped them to make pictures.  You can do this with any leftover label frames (or your kids' used sticker sheets) and use different media (e.g., paints, markers, pens, glitter, tissue paper).  The shapes and pieces your child cuts up can be worked into their art in interesting ways or ways that make sense to them.  They are like an element of design to be incorporated (into their art).  They give your child a different set of boundaries to work with and around.

Avery said that this one was a "car submarine."

Avery also drew a picture of Wreck-It Ralph, which she and Nate were really into at the time.  This post was originally published in my summer series for Mom*tog.