Green is a unique children's book that is also a remarkable work of literary art.  In it, Laura Vaccaro Seeger presents various shades of green, each with its own charming story and within its own gorgeous painterly environment, and then weaves the greens together in an intriguing way, using die-cut pages.  Avery enjoyed seeing the die-cut shapes change and transform, from leaves in a forest to fish under water on the next page.  Inspired by the book, we collected different green materials for Avery to collage and explore (paper in different shades of green and varied textures, tissue paper, paper leaves, ribbon, washi tape and crayons).  Avery and her dad collaborated to build a race car (one of Avery's interests at the moment).  More information about Laura Vaccaro Seeger and her creative process can be found on her website.  We eagerly look forward to this Caldecott author and illustrator's next book!