prep and landing play date

One of Avery's favorite Christmas cartoons is Prep & Landing so we decided to have a Prep & Landing play date earlier this year.  We had Lanny and Wayne's gear on hand--sparkle balls (yarn pom poms--some store-bought and some homemade), toy gingerbread scanners and light-up night vision goggles (bought from Hallmark).  I made coal candy (cornflake clusters dipped in dark chocolate) and everyone enjoyed Magee's Hot Chocolate Bar--rich hot chocolate made with melted chocolate chips and milk served with marshmallows, little cookies and candy cane stirrers.  I printed out pictures of some of the Prep & Landing cast from, laminated them and attached them to paper cups for the hot chocolate.

The kids put together their own gingerbread scanners using cut-out gingerbread men (the template can be found here), white pens, pom poms and glue.  My cousin brought over another version of a sparkle ball (made using an ornament) and candy cane grappling hooks.  She also brought over a beautiful treat for Avery--her name fashioned out of candy canes!  She said it was pretty easy.  Here is a reference on how to do it from Makes and Takes.

I think towards the end of the afternoon we watched...Prep and Landing.  A great end to an amazing afternoon!  Thanks to my cousin Amy for helping to make it special!